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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Interrupt this blog for SSS

I have joined the Secret Santa Soiree! I am sooooooo excited to be part of it this year. I watched as each person received their Secret Santa gift last year, with envy. I wanted so much to be in on it but did not have a blog. Well this year it is going to be different, and I am in! I love Christmas, and all that goes with it. The sights, smells, the giving, the food, the family together, everything! I am ready to start buying for my blogger-only trouble is-I dont know who she/he is yet. I will be reading a lot of blogs this week so that I can get prepared, by trying to get to know who all the people in the SSS are and find out a little more about them. The deadline for signing up is Oct. 15, so if you want in-you better hurry. The last time I looked at the "linky" at Decisionally Challenged, there were close to 80 participants already!

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♥georgie♥ said...

Thanks for the SSS shout out and I am so glad you get to play with us all this year! I know even though you didnt have a blog last yr-you were a dedicated reader of my blog as well as many others...
Your blog is a wonderful addition to the SSS list of participants