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Monday, November 2, 2009

Pictures and stuff

Halloween has come and gone...I drove over to see my kids in Arkansas, they needed some blue grease makeup and some liquid latex for the boys costumes. They were having a hard time locating some liquid latex, I found some here, so I decided to just drive it over, and I could take my halloween goodie bags over to the boys- instead of mailing them. The boys dressed up as the "Blue Men", you have probably seen these characters in a commercial on t.v. Here is a picture of them in their costumes. They turned out pretty good, don't you think? I did not get any pictures of my other grands in their costumes.

I love this time of the year-leaves falling, trees changing color, a cool crispness to the air. The smell of wood fires, the sounds of the winds blowing at night, and all the festivities that come with fall and winter.
I am starting to buy gifts for Christmas, and for my SS partner. I do love this part of Christmas-the giving part.


♥georgie♥ said...

the boys look so good! and dont feel bad I havent shared any of my halloween pics with anyone...did abby not put any up on FB?

Rebecca said...

What fun costumes!!!

Stopping by from Georgie as I try to visit all of the SSS participants!

Prairiemaid said...

Stopping by to say hi, while trying to visit some of the SSS bloggers!

Sorry your brother is so ill. Will keep him in my prayers.

Can't wait to come back and read your book.